Makati Urban Patios

Location: Makati City, Philippines
Client: MACEA (Makati Commercial Estate Association Inc.)
Status: Completed in December 2017

Most of our "modern" street corners were designed to allow cars to change direction with ease. The effect of large radii at corners was that pedestrians had to cross wider distances to get to the other side, aside from having to look out for speeding cars. The intervention made for the Makati Urban Patios Project aims to correct this injustice. Analysing several corners in Legaspi and Salcedo streets, it was noted that large areas are devoted to turning cars and not for the safety and convenience of crossing pedestrians.

The re-designs closed the gap between corners without reducing lane widths for cars. We also provided speed tables to slow cars down. The designs yielded people-friendly pockets we've named Urban Patios. These are part of an overall pedestrian circulation and urban design/landscape architectural improvement project for the CBD. Walking is encouraged in the district. It reduces the need for cars, is healthier for everyone and the urban patios create more opportunities for trees and landscape to mitigate the harsh cityscape of concrete, glass and steel.