PGAA Pavilion at the Anthology Festival 2020

March 5, 2020

PGAA Creative Design recently joined the Anthology Festival 2020 last February 7-9 held at Fort Santiago, Intramuros. Aside from talks and workshops, the 3-day event featured 'Follies', installations from several notable design groups.

PGAA's folly titled 'Kaway-An', is an interactive bamboo sculpture that guests can climb, leading up to a view deck overlooking Fort Santiago. The pavilion is inspired by an entry to a recent competition for a Freedom Memorial and Museum to be built to commemorate the victims of the Martial Law era. 

The anthology installation is a ‘proof of concept’ that presents the possibilities of bamboo for use in modern structures and settings. It presents a structure that is about one sixth the size of the original proposal, but this can be scaled up. It is an installation that is meant in the future to be moved and re-built as a park pavilion for a public site in the metropolis.